A Message from CESASC President

Dear CESASC Members and Friends:

Warmest greetings to all of you!

I am deeply honored and humbled to start my term as the 2018-19 CESASC president. I want to thank the CESASC members for placing your faith in me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent and lead CESASC, one of the largest and longest standing professional organizations in the Southern California.

Since 1962, CESASC has played a prominent role in promoting the interests, aspirations, and professional excellence of the engineers and scientists in Southern California and the United States. Through its achievement award recognition, technical symposium, scholarship, STEM contest and business innovation programs, CESASC has made far-reaching impacts on science advancement, technology development and business expansion. Its success is made possible by generous donations of many business and non-profit entities and individuals, and most of all, countless hours of hard work by our volunteers.

Looking into the new year, I will do my best to fulfill CESASC’s mission to serve the interests of Chinese-American professionals and the broad community, and to inspire and nurture next generations of scientists and engineers. To do my job, I will follow 3 guiding principles – Commitment, Communication, and Collaboration – the 3Cs. For Commitment, I want to be devoted, responsible and accountable; For Communication, I want to be transparent, open and fair; For Collaboration, I value teamwork – I will rely on all of you, learn from you and work with all of you. Your continued support to CESASC means a lot to me and is greatly appreciated.

This year, we will strengthen member connection and community outreach by organizing a series of activities in STEM education and salon discussions on cutting-edge science and technology. The CESASC annual convention will take place on April 14, 2019 in San Gabriel Hilton. Please check CESASC homepage (http://www.cesasc.org) for event updates.

Look forward to working with you to have a productive and successful year!

Best wishes,

Hui Su

2018-19 CESASC President

Posted Date: 
Wednesday, August 8, 2018