2019 CESASC-CFZH Arts-Tech Poster Contest

To promote the fusion of arts and science/technology, the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) and Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA (CFZH) jointly launch an Arts-Tech Poster Contest. The contest is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and post-graduates within 2 years’ highest degrees. Students who study arts, architecture, design or related subjects are especially encouraged to participate.

Each contestant is required to create a poster of 18” (wide) x 24” (height) integrating innovative technologies for sustainability and cultural and arts elements related to the Palace Museum (北京故宫) or Mogao Caves (敦煌莫高窟). Digital image of original products no less than 300 dpi can be submitted for review. Original products will be showcased at the 57th CESASC Annual Convention on April 14, 2019 at San Gabriel Hilton. Three prizes will be given based on excellence in creativity and artistry: 1st place $500, $2nd place $300, $3rd place $200. The winners will be recognized at the CESASC 57th Annual Convention Evening Gala on April 14, 2019 in San Gabriel Hilton. Attendance at the convention is required for all winners. The winners will become members of the CFZH artists and be invited to participate in a number of charitable cultural activities organized by CFZH. CESASC and CFZH reserve the rights of using the winning designs in promotional materials for CESASC and CFZH activities throughout the year, including but not limited to T-shirts, bags, stationary and flyers.

Submissions are open now till March 26, 2019. Winners will be notified by April 2, 2019.

Poster showcase and award presentation will be held on April 14, 2019 at San Gabriel Hilton during the 57th CESASC Annual Convention.

Please submit the image or pdf file of your design along with a resume to the Arts-Tech Poster Contest Committee at ArtsTechFusion@gmail.com.


Ping Zhou

Xiaogang Wang

2019 CESASC-CFZH Poster Contest Committee Co-Chairs






诚邀在校大学生,研究生,以及毕业两年之内的青年人踊跃参赛, 特别是主修或选修艺术、建筑, 设计等相关专业的学生。

每位参赛者需设计制作一份海报(尺寸为18”x24”高). 作品需结合与可持续发展相关的创新科技和北京故宫或敦煌莫高窟文化元素。可提交原作的数码影像(不少于300dpi)参与评选。評委會将根据创造性和艺术性选出三名优胜者:第一名$500,第二名$300,第三名$200。优胜者需参加科工会在2019年四月十九日圣盖博希尔顿酒店召开的第57届年会并在晚宴上领奖。原作将在年会上展出。优胜者将成为何振岱基金会文创艺术方面的会员,参与基金会举办的大型文化慈善活动。获奖设计将作为科工会和基金会2019年活动的文创作品,用于文化衫,环保袋,文具,宣传品等。







Introduction to Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA

Zhendai He (circa 1867-1952) was a modern scholar of classic literature,  poet, expert of local chronicles, and educator of traditional Chinese poetry.  He represents a superlative example of the Tong-Guang-Ti, a modern branch of Min (Hokkien), old-style poetry. Min (Hokkien) culture is a unique combination of “mountain, ocean, and water”, which created a spirit of “tolerance and diversity”. It was this spirit that both inspired and empowered Zhendai He to dedicate his female disciples as the “eight talents of Min.” Each one elegant in demeanor, they became learned and skilled in music, games, arts, and literature, the four essences of Chinese culture.

Xinyan He, a 7th generation descendant of Zexu Lin, and 4th generation descendant of Zhendai He, has established the Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA in Los Angeles. The foundation is dedicated to carry forward traditional Chinese culture, allowing the profound Chinese culture to be shared across the world, and to establish a cultural bridge by blending legacy with innovation. This will allow more youth to appreciate the roots of Chinese culture, and incorporate those cultural elements into their daily lives.

The Foundation will host a major philanthropic event annually, each in a different country, to not only help cultural sensibilities to take root in people’s hearts, but also to allow cultural spirit to nourish societal peace and prosperity.

Posted Date: 
Friday, January 25, 2019