CESASC History

The association was founded in 1962 as "Chinese Engineers' Club of Southern California". The name was changed to "Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California" in 1968. Its mission is to serve as a platform to enrich their competence through technical conferences and workshops, to showcase their accomplishments through its annual Achievement Awards, to broaden their career perspectives through global and local networking, and to protect their interests and rights through organizational efforts. In 2011, CESASC was honored by the Chinese American Museum (CAM) as the recipient of the Excellence in Science and Engineering Leadership Award in CAM’s 15th Annual History maker’s Awards Ceremony.

Since 1969, CESASC has presented Achievement Awards to recognize the individuals who have made significant contributions to engineering and science, or those with distinguished professional career in the United States. Our previous award recipients included Nobel Laureates, members of US National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine, Corporate and University executives, members of Committee 100, as well as public officials.






Presidents since 1962

1962 Henry Chi
1963 Norman Au
1964 Tung-Hua Lin
1965 Chung-MIng Wong
1966 Frederick Liu
1967 Theodore Wu
1968 Ju-Chin Chu
1969 Lewis Au
1970 Wellington Loh
1971 Paul Yeh
1972 Paul Leung
1973 Tung Po Lin 
1974 Steven Tang
1975 Kwang-Chi Chiang
1976 Peter Dai
1977 John Chan
1978 Shou S. Kwong
1979 Charles P. Wang
1980 Tennyson Wang
1981 Han C. Leung
1982 Sui-An Fung
1983 Shih Yuan (Mike) Chen
1984 H. E. Frank Wang
1985 Chieh Sun
1986 Shui-lin Chao
1987 Sherman Yu
1988 Chih-Ming Ho
1989 Wei H. Kao
1990 Edward Liu
1991 Catherine Kwan
1992 Chia-Chun (George) Chao
1993 T. J. Wang
1994 Eastwood Im
1995 Kung Yao
1996 Elizabeth Kay-Im
1997 Tientsai Yang
1998 Munson A. Kwok
1999 William Chang
2000 Sheng-Rong Lin

2001 Edward Liu
2002 Charles Wang
2003 Charles Wang
2004 Shirley Ho
2005 Shan Lee
2006 Sikun Lan
2007 Sikun Lan
2008 David Lee
2009 Wensheng Zhou
2010 YiuMan So
2011 Jason Wen
2012 Yutao He
2013 Liping Yan
2014 Dankai Liu
2015 Yue Rong
2016 Lan Saadatnejadi
2017 Dongmei Huang
2018 Hui Su
2019 Ping Zhou
2020 Charley Lu