2021 CESASC Election Announcement

Dear CESASC Members,
Happy Chinese New Year and wish you a prosperous Year of the Ox!
CESASC will start its 2021 Board of Directors' Election soon. In this letter, we provide the below information for our members:

  1. Date for the Upcoming Milestone
  2. Opening Positions for the Election and the Candidates by the Nomination Committee
  3. Call for Candidates by Petition Process
  • Date for the Upcoming Milestone
Upcoming Milestone  Date 
Final Date for Receiving Candidates through Petition Process 2/26/21
Election Ballot Released to Voting Members 3/1/21
"Meeting Future Leaders of CESASC" on Zoom
A special program created this year to meet all the candidates
First or Second weekend of March, 2021 (TBD)
Final Date for Members to Cast Votes  3/20/21
Certify and Publish Election Results 3/29/21

We will send you more details in the follow-up emails later when time comes for each milestone. 

  • Opening Positions for the Election and the Candidates by the Nomination Committee

Refer to the attached file.

  • Call for Candidates by Petition Process

CESASC Board Election follows the By-Law Section 13 (see below, Full version of the By-Law can be found at http://cesasc.org/By-Law). If a voting member would like to petition to become a Director candidate, please obtain twenty (20) signed endorsements from the voting members according to By-Law, and submit the petition, as well as your statement including bio, via email to info@cesasc.org no later than 11:59pm PST Febuary 26th, 2021


Section 13
The nomination of candidate for Board of Directors and officers for the ensuing year shall be made by the Nomination Committee in January of each year. The ballots of the proposed candidates shall be sent by the Board of Directors to all voting members prior to February 5th of each year and returned by February 20th of the said year for tabulating and counting. The ballots shall be counted by the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting in a tabulation meeting which is opened to all members who desire to attend. Notice of said tabulation meeting shall be made known to the voting membership. 
The Board of Directors and the officers shall be elected by the voting members. All Director candidates will compete for all vacant Director positions. The Director candidates with the greatest number of votes will fill Board of Director vacancies. The officers will be nominated and elected separately from the Board of Directors candidates, but will also be automatically be appointed as members of the Board. 
A candidate must be a voting member and can be nominated in two ways: 
1. A voting member may be nominated to be a candidate by the Nomination Committee, or 
2. A voting member may petition to become a candidate by obtaining twenty (20) signed endorsements from the voting members. 
3. Under special circumstances, a candidate may be nominated at the discretion of the Board, but a two-thirds majority vote from the Board is required. 
The Nomination Committee shall set the slate of proposed Directors and officer candidates. Competition is encouraged but not required. 
In the event of a tie of the number of votes for a position, the matter shall be settled by the Board of Directors. 

Thank you very much!

Ping Zhou, Ph.D. 

CESASC 2021 Nomination Committee Chair 

Posted Date: 
Monday, February 15, 2021