Call-For-Nomination: Keynote Speakers for 2014-2015 CESASC Annual Convention

Dear CESASC members,
On behalf of the 2014-2015 CESASC Annual Convention committee, we are writing to solicit your nomination for the CESASC 2014-2015 Annual Convention keynote speakers.
The 2014-2015 CESASC Annual Convention is tentatively scheduled on May 2, 2014. We have decided to invite one luncheon keynote speaker at the day-time Technical Symposium and one banquet keynote speaker at the Evening Banquet & Award Ceremony.
To help the task, a working committee composed of the following people has been formed:
Yutao He (Chair), Dankai Liu, Liping Yan, Yue Rong, Manwai Szeto,  and Hui Su.
The plan is as follows:
1. Solicit the nominations (8/18/2014 - 9/15/2014)
2. Evaluate and compile a luncheon keynote speaker list and a banquet keynote speaker list (9/16/2014 - 9/30/2014)
3. Send out Invitations to the selected candidates and confirm their acceptance (10/1/2014 -11/1/2014)
4. Work with confirmed keynote speakers to coordinate the presentation topic (11/1/2014 - 1/10/2015) that fits the Convention Theme.
5. Work with confirmed keynote speakers to arrange travel, lodging, hosting, and other logistics (1/11/2015 - 5/2/2015)
6. Send out Appreciation Letters (5/3/2015 - 5/10/2015)
Step 3 may iterate until a speaker is confirmed.
An invited keynote speaker shall have the following desired qualifications:
1. A well-established figure in his/her own field
2. High-visibility in the Chinese American community or in the mainstream
3. An excellent public speaker
4. Matching the classic CESASC standard
Apart from the above attribute, there are not really any other constraints: (1) a speaker may or may not be a Chinese American; (2) a speaker may or may not be one of 2014-2015  CESASC awardees; (3) a speaker may be local or out-of-town (CESASC will cover travel and lodging expense for a out-of-town speaker); (4) a speaker may or may not be in the fields of Science and Technology.
To improve the efficiency, the solicitation phase will be done on-line: please nominate your choices by filling out an on-line form at:
Thank you very much for your help. Look forward to your inputs!
2014-2015 CESASC Annual Convention Keynote Speaker Selection Committee
Posted Date: 
Tuesday, August 19, 2014