Announcement of the 2022 CESASC Board Election Result

Dear CESASC members and friends,
Thanks to the participation and support from many of you, the 2022 CESASC election has been successfully accomplished. The nomination committee had the tabulation meeting on March 6th, and have completed all the necessary procedures required by the CESASC bylaw. Hereby I announce the election result as follows:
  1. President elected: Chenxi Guo;
  2. Vice-President elected: Kenny Wang;
  3. Treasurer elected: Ying Zhan;
  4. Secretary elected: Jia Fan;
  5. Board Director elected: Jonathan Jiang;
Let's congratulate all the newly elected officers and board members!! An installment ceremony is expected on Jun 26th (Sunday) in our 60th Annual Convention at the Pacific Palm Resort, and they will take the corresponding position effectively on July 1st, 2022.
Best regards,

Charley Lu, Ph.D.
CESASC 2022 Nomination Committee Chair

Posted Date: 
Thursday, March 10, 2022