2013 CESASC Essay winners and scholarship recipients

2013 CESASC Scholarship Recipients
Jianshi Tang 唐建石: Graduate student, Electrical Engineering, UCLA
Jinqiang Chen 陈金强: Graduate student, Environmental Science and Engineering, CalTech
Rui Luo 罗睿: Graduate student, Human Genetics; UCLA
Fei Yu 于非: Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering, USC
Jun Wang 王军: Graduate student, Electrical Engineering, UCLA
Aolin Wang 王奥琳: Graduate student, Epidemiology, UCLA
2013 CESASC ESSAY Winners
Group 1:
Grade 11 – 12
First Prize: Karinna Loo, Title: Fuzzy Logic Controlled Bio-Artificial Kidney South Pasadena High School        
Second Prize: Sara Pak, Title: Zephyride Diamond Bar High School         
Third Prize: Evelyn Yau, Title: 3-Dimensional (3-D) Virtual World Mark Keppel high School
Group 2:   
Grade 9 – 10
First Prize: Samuel Park, Title: Curing Cancer using Man-Made Viruses Health Rosemont Middle School    
Second Prize: Vick Liu, Title: GeneTeller - A Handheld DNA Analyzer for Disease Detection and Prediction. Flitridge Preparatory School        
Third Prize, Michael Cornish, Title: Mr. Pillbot The Academy of Aerospace & Engineering Middle School – CCREC (Hartford, CT)

Posted Date: 
Sunday, March 24, 2013