The Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) is pleased to call for nominations for the Jonathan H. Jiang (JHJ) Prize for Fundamental Science award. The JHJ Prize is awarded annually to up to two papers led by researchers younger than 26 years old in the fields of mathematics, physics, or chemistry. We anticipate making the award at the 2023 CESASC Annual Convention, across all eligible candidates. This annual award carries a nominal two cash prizes of $1500 each and a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. The nominations are due on March 10, 2023, to the CESASC award committee (please email to  Below is a summary of the eligibility and required materials for the nominations of this award.


  1. Candidates must have published a first-authored paper in a recognized international journal during the January of previous year and extends the month leading up to the deadline for nominations. The nominated papers must be publicly available (published - in print or online) prior to the annual nomination deadline.
  2. A nominee must be younger than 26 years old at the time the paper was originally submitted.
  3. Nominators can be any CESASC members or non-CESASC researchers in the fields of mathematics, physics, or chemistry, who are demonstrably familiar with the research and other accomplishments of the nominee (e.g., researchers who are senior advisor of the candidate; who is a co-author of the candidate on any peer-reviewed published work; or any working scientist considered an expert in a topical area relevant to the paper.)
  4. Required materials for nomination:
    1. A one-page nomination letter presenting the case for the nomination, also noting the nominator's eligibility and relation to the nominee.
    2. A statement clearly describing the nominee's specific role in the research design and execution, and in the composition and writing of the paper.
    3. A reprint or copy of the full published paper that is the basis of the nomination.
    4. A resume listing the nominee's education, experience, and other relevant information.
    5. A supporting letter from someone other than the nominator, who has intimate knowledge of the research involved in the paper.

JHJ Prize for Fundamental Science (Math, Physics, Chemistry)

Named by Dr. Jonathan H. Jiang (JHJ), the CESASC JHJ Prize for Fundamental Science is created to identify and encourage early talents in basic research in field of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The JHJ Prize awards annually to the most compelling young candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to fundamental scientific inquiry through their achievements witnessed by published research in physics, chemistry, or mathematics. 

Applicants are individually chosen by our distinguished members through a selective review process. The JHT Prize is an honor reserved only for our highly accomplished young scientists under the age of 26, who have dedicated their talent to science. 

Posted Date: 
Saturday, January 28, 2023