A Message from CESASC President of 2022

Dear CESASC members and friends:

My name is Chenxi Guo, and I am honored to serve as CESASC President of term 2022-2023.

Founded in 1962, CESASC has a long legacy inspiring and supporting numerous Chinese American engineers and scientists in their career advancement and entrepreneurial endeavors. We celebrated the 60th Annual Convention in 2022, and we are ready to open a new page.

We are looking to introduce two new exciting programs, the New Era Talk Series and the SPRING Series, which stands for the Senior Professionals and Researcher Interviews for New Generation. The two new series are intended to help cultivating our next generation of engineers and scientists.

We will also continue to build on those excellent existing programs and projects, including scholarships, Tech Salon, Business Forum, Technical Symposium, STEM Seminar, etc. We will also seek to resume in-person events, which have paused during the pandemic.

On behalf of CESASC 2022/2023 executive team, we welcome generous sponsors, diligent volunteers, and visionary collaborators to work passionately together to create a better and rewarding community.

Please check our website www.CESASC.org or subscribe to our YouTube channel for latest information. You can also contact me directly at terryguochenxi@gmail.com or 213-271-5371 to discuss your thoughts and ideas.



Chenxi Guo

CESASC President 2022-2023

Posted Date: 
Friday, July 15, 2022