2024 CESASC Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the history and purpose of the CESASC Scholarship?

Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC), founded in 1962, is a leading Chinese-American professional organization, which promotes and advocates the best interests, aspirations, and professional excellence of Chinese-American engineers and scientists in Southern California. Over the years, CESASC provides annual scholarships for qualified undergraduate and graduate students on the merit and financial need basis. The scholarship funding comes from corporate and individual donors and is managed by the CESASC Scholarship Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. CESASC Scholarship Committee is responsible to select qualified awardees from applicants.


2. Who can apply for the CESASC Scholarship?

Sophomores and above or graduate students in a university or college are eligible. Students from non-Chinese descent and applicants from non- science/engineering majors are also welcomed to apply.

Previous CESASC Scholarship awardees are not eligible for applying the scholarship again.


3. When is the deadline to apply for the CESASC Scholarship?

Applications must be received by 23:59 Pacific Time on March 24, 2024.


4. How do I apply?

You need to submit the application online at https://cesasc.org/scholarship2024

You will need to upload the following supporting materials in order to have a

complete application:


You will also need to submit the following supporting materials (all in PDF Format) in order to have a complete application:

1) A summary of personal experience including future goals, extra curriculum activities, and any notable achievements.

2) An essay (Not to exceed 500 words) on how you may support and get involved with CESASC and/or other American Asian community organizations.

3) Academic transcripts (PDF Format).

4) One letter of recommendation from a professor in your field of study (PDF Format)

5) (Optional) If you are a relative of a CESASC member, you are encouraged to have the CESASC member to write a recommendation letter (PDF Format).


5. May I apply for the CESASC scholarship for more than one year?

Beginning 2010, qualified applicants may re-apply for the scholarship up to three years consecutively. This is intended to support sophomore. Past winners are not eligible to apply.


6. What will you do with the information I submit?

The CESAC Scholarship Committee composed of academic faculty and professionals will determine the merit of an individual applicant based on two criteria: (1) academic performance and (2) financial needs. An interview by phone may be conducted for the finalists.


7. How will the number of awardees and the amount of individual scholarship be determined?

The number of awardees and the amount of scholarship/awards will be decided based on numbers of applicants and available funds. This year, we will continue our tradition and offer the following opportunities:


  1. Eight to ten CESASC scholarships for all discipline, especially in STEM.
  2. Three Lisa Lu Foundation (盧燕基金會) scholarships for awardees majoring in literature and arts,
  3. Two CESASC JHT awards for fundamental science


8. How can I find out whether I am awarded with a scholarship/award?

The scholarship awardees will be notified by phone or email before April 4, 2024.


9. Are there any other requirements for scholarship awardees?

The awardees will be recognized at the CESASC Annual Convention. The award certificates and checks will be handed out to the awardees at the convention. Awardees must attend the annual convention events to receive the awards.


Awardees are also required to join CESASC as a member, commit themselves to volunteer at CESASC STEM program (e.g., mentoring middle/high school participants of STEM essay contest), and help organizing future CESASC events and annual conventions.


10. How should I communicate with the CESASC Scholarship committee?

Please send email to the address: cesasc@gmail.com.

Posted Date: 
Saturday, September 16, 2023