The Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) is delighted to invite nominations for the Jonathan H. Jiang (JHJ) Prize for Fundamental Science. This prestigious award is presented annually to a maximum of three papers authored by researchers under the age of 26 in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other disciplines of fundamental science. We will announce the winners before April 11, 2024. The winners are required to attend the award ceremony at the 62nd CESASC Annual Convention, to be held at the Sheraton Cerritos Hotel on Saturday, May 4, 2024. The award includes a cash prize of $1500, along with a certificate of recognition. The deadline for submitting nominations to the CESASC award committee is March 31, 2024. Please send the nomination materials to cesasc@gmail.com. You may also contact us via this email for more information.


  1. Candidates must have published a lead-authored paper in a reputable international journal between January of the previous year and the month immediately preceding the nomination deadline. The nominated papers must be publicly accessible (in print or online) before the annual nomination deadline.
  2. Nominees must be under 26 years old when the paper was initially submitted.
  3. Nominators can be CESASC members or non-CESASC researchers who are demonstrably familiar with the nominee’s research and accomplishments (e.g., senior advisors, co-authors on peer-reviewed published work, or working scientists recognized as experts in an area relevant to the paper).

Nomination materials must include:

  1. The student nominee’s resume that includes a complete list of published papers.
  2. A supporting letter, either from the nominator or someone who is intimately familiar with the research described in the paper.


Introduction to JHJ Prize for Fundamental Science

Established by Dr. Jonathan H. Jiang (JHJ), the CESASC JHJ Prize for Fundamental Science aims to recognize and promote early talents in fundamental research in mathematics, physics, chemistry and other disciplines. The JHJ Prize is awarded annually to the most outstanding young candidates who have demonstrated dedication to fundamental scientific inquiry through their published research.

Candidates are carefully selected by our esteemed members through a rigorous review process. The JHJ Prize is a prestigious honor reserved exclusively for highly accomplished young scientists under the age of 26 who have devoted their talents to science.

Posted Date: 
Saturday, September 16, 2023